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Leave a comment Video acoustic guitar

Older posts                 Beauty In the End.
March 26, .

2020   Leave a comment              I wrote this song last year for my upcoming EP

After listening to it on a recent walk, I felt like the music and lyrics really resonated with the current moment we find ours elves  in, so I decided to release it early.
The musical movements in the intro tell a story of struggle, then acceptance and, eventually, an emergence  from darkness .
Ultimately, I feel that it’s an optimistic song that reminds us that, even when times are difficult, we can still find something beautiful if we look for it.
I hope everyone is staying safe and that you are able to experience/create some beautiful moments despite  these  challenging times.
❤️ D  Note: I’m currently releasing my music under the band name Lost Like You.
You can find this song as well as future releases on Bandcamp:              Leave a comment           Music         Beauty, , classical,  Coronavirus , COVID-19, indie, indie rock, Lost Like You, , , , Optimism, piano                     Prelude in C Major / F Minor (Summer Rain).
June 28, .

2019   Leave a comment             This is my first proper classical composition

I stumbled across this chord progression while studying some different piano chords and was very moved by it.
I found myself playing it over and over again.
As a gentle rain storm set the mood outside, I spent several hours piecing the  composition  together into its finished form.
The piano part is composed of two separate parts that were combined together.
It modulates back and forth between C Major and F Minor every two measures which creates an emotional kick.
I’m very proud this  piece  and find myself coming back to it again and again to help me relax and to put my mind in a good place.
I hope it has the same effect for you too.

Leave a comment           Music         cello

, clarinet, classical, classical music, composer, flute, , musician, , , piano, prelude, relaxing music                     Temor.
April 29, 2019   Leave a comment            I’m very happy to share my latest track created with the help of my music  composition  app — Bop.
Please have a listen.

Leave a comment           Music         bop

instrumental, Logic Pro X, , music composition, Temor                     My latest project: Bop.
April 29, 2019   Leave a comment             My latest project is a music  application  application called “Bop”.
Currently, it’s a Unity app that connects to Logic Pro X via MIDI.
Bop can be used by songwriters to discover new musical ideas and/or enhance existing ones.
Basically, it can help you think outside the box.
The  functionality  is very limited now.
You can currently manually create note sequences, place them on a timeline and fill them with random notes from the current musical key.
Even with these limited features, it’s still possible to create some very  interesting  musical parts.
Eventually, I plan to expand the app to be able to produce complete musical works with multiple coherent parts.
I’ll post updates as a progress.
Here’s an example of a track I composed with Bop:              Leave a comment           Development, Uncategorized         computer generated music, computer music, , music application, music composition, .

Music software                     Tipping Point now available for PC & Mac on Steam

April 12, 2019   Leave a comment            I’m very happy to announce that Tipping Point is now available for PC & Mac on Steam.
Now you can finally experience the adventure on your desktop computer.
This is currently the best version of the game available with cleaned up graphics and sound effects.
All of the music in the game has been remixed and remastered, and the soundtrack is included with the purchase of the game.
Tipping Point on Steam:              Leave a comment           Games.

Tipping Point         adventure

, desktop, game, mac, pc, point and click, soundtrack, steam, video game                     Aleah (Stranger #5).
April 12, 2019   Leave a comment             Aleah (Stranger #5) 11”x14″ Acrylic on Canvas              Leave a comment           100 Strangers,          , abstract, acrylic, , female, , , redhead, , .

Woman                     Tipping Point Soundtrack

April 3, 2019   Leave a comment             I’m very happy to announce the release of the Tipping Point Soundtrack.
All of the music  from my point-and-click adventure game has been remixed & remastered and is now available to download.
Most of the music was recorded 25 to 30 years ago, so a lot of work was put into cleaning up the original master recordings.

The Tipping Point game has been updated with the new versions of the music
Note: Tipping Point will be available on Steam soon for PC & Mac

The soundtrack will be included with the purchase of the game.
Listen and download now on Bandcamp:                Leave a comment           Games, Music, Tipping Point         adventure, game, , soundtrack, Tipping Point, video game, video game music                     Problem Addict – Drown Me In Estrogen (Live) – Petra’s 12/27/2018.
January 27, 2019   Leave a comment              An impromptu video I shot of Audrey Ayers (Problem Addict) performing Drown Me In Estrogen at Petra’s on 12/27/2018.

Leave a comment           Video

acoustic guitar, audrey ayers, , drown me in estrogen, live music, music video, , , performance, petras, problem addict, singer songwriter                     100 Strangers Project – How I approach strangers and take their portraits.
January 27.

2019   Leave a comment                           Leave a comment           100 Strangers

Video         , approaching, , documentary, , , Photography, , strangers, ,                      Video Reel 2018.
January 27, .

2019   Leave a comment              A look back on my video projects from 2018

Leave a comment           Video         , dan russell-pinson, documentary, music video, , , reel, Video                      Older posts                                                                  Dan Russell-Pinson                                     Post to.


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