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XrayVision DCV DICOM Conformance Statement

XrayVision® DCV               »  » XrayVision® DCV                                                        295.00  – 1,800.00    XrayVision® DCV (DICOM Capture View) is a DICOM-based dental imaging suite that is scalable to any size  organization .

DCV is used to standardize the capture

storage, retrieval, and viewing of images across an entire organization.

DCV supports nearly all imaging devices utilized in dentistry

including: intra-oral sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic/cephalometric units, 3D/CAT scan, tomography, intra-oral cameras, extra-oral cameras, endo scopes, and flatbed scanners.
We offer a free 30 day trial with no strings attached.

Simply click the trial button below and request a trial download of XrayVision DCV

XrayVision® DCV Primary License (LT) quantity        XrayVision® DCV Primary License (LT)1,800.00     XrayVision® DCV Additional User (LT) quantity        XrayVision® DCV Additional User (LT)295.00              Add to cart.

Additional Components & Plugins
Acts as a full enterprise standalone PACS

or can serve as the capture modality that will automatically forward to an existing PACS.
DCV’s open  architecture  enables the freedom to use a wide variety of capture devices while maintaining the industry standards.
The US Army and US Navy currently use DCV as their global solution for managing all of their dental clinics worldwide, which allows for centralized storage of all images to provide global access to patient  information .

DCV has numerous bridging capabilities from a standard command line integration

data extraction and auto importing patient demographics, barcode scanning, DICOM Worklist, HL7, as well as custom data bridges.
DCV can act as a standalone enterprise PACS solution or can also be used as the  acquisition  modality with auto submission to a preexisting PACS.
DCV is primarily designed for the human dental field but has  support  for other disciplines such as podiatry, veterinary, and ENT.
Compatible with a wide variety of hardware including the majority of  manufacture d intra-oral sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic and cephalometric units, intra-oral cameras, extra-oral cameras, 3D tomography, CT scan, endoscopes, and flatbed scanners.
DICOM compliant and will assist with  HIPAA compliance  with the ability to control who can access the software and what they are able to perform within DCV.  DCV has full audit trail capabilities which will record the actions of all users.
Contains a large variety of image analysis tools and  enhancement s that will allow the user to accurately diagnose and improve on the image quality.
Additional Components & Plugins.
Apteryx Servicer – The Apteryx Servicer allows the DCV  Data Manager  to run as a service and will keep an instance alive so it will always be available for incoming/outgoing connections.

The will eliminate the accidental closure of DCV Data Manager

Report Generator – DCV Report Generator allows users to create custom reports based off of specified  information  found within the database.
There is a wide variety of options to select from that can be included in these reports, which can range from very basic to highly detailed reports.
The number of criteria selected for the report will dictate the length of time required for the report to generate.
Worklist Manager – The Worklist Manager is a utility that enables patient information to be scanned or entered manually from a central location.
This will pre-populate the patient drop-down list within the capture screen with all of the required patient information for the DCV client.
Configuration Manager – The Configuration Manager is a utility that will allow a site admin to make changes to configurations of the DCV application.
The utility will list the configurations for every client as well as the global settings for DCV.
These settings can be edited per machine or globally using the configuration manager, which eliminates having to touch every client machine.
System Requirements.
Installation Guide.
User Manual.
Preferences Guide.
XrayVision DCV DICOM Conformance Statement.
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and Apteryx, Inc.
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XrayVision® DCV.
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