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Cristina Network More than 1,300 pre-screened

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What We Do.
What We Do.
Since its inception in 1984.

National Cristina Foundation has been working to close the digital divide

connecting people in need to opportunity, community, and hope.
With an emphasis on technology reuse, .

The Foundation’s work manifests itself in a number of ways

Our custom designed and developed technology donation platform helps to make donating used computers easy, for both the donor and recipient  organization s.
Interested donors can utilize our nonprofit locator to review a list of nearby  organization s and select a recipient whose needs and mission best fit with their interests and the equipment they are looking to donate.
For complex or especially large donations, National Cristina Foundation program staff work together with donors to carefully identify the equipment being donated and find the right  organization s to receive them.
In some cases, the equipment can be placed directly with a practitioner  organization  and go right into service.
In other cases, the equipment may need to be  refurbished  or repaired before final placement.
In every case, we are happy to assist.
Advocacy and Technology Resources Digital inclusion means having ready access to a computer, a robust connection to  the internet , basic computer skills, and the necessary support to successfully utilize this technology.
Together with other  partners  in the digital inclusion space, we work hard to build awareness and make an impact.
In addition to our focus on the device side of digital inclusion, we also provide  information al resources about corporate sustainability and responsible recycling of technology.
Cristina Network More than 1,300 pre-screened.

Pre-qualified nonprofit organizations make up the Cristina Network

a nationwide community working to help people in need benefit from technology training and support.

By joining the Cristina Network

these organizations not only have access to donated equipment, but also to an online learning community where they can share ideas and best practices with nonprofit peers.
AFTRR The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) is a subset of the Cristina Network, a group of nearly 100 nonprofit  organization s dedicated to refurbishing used computers and supporting their communities.
AFTRR member organizations range from small, all-volunteer initiatives to large, sophisticated enterprises, all driven by and in support of a common mission to help those in need.
National Cristina Foundation proudly serves in a backbone support role for the growing AFTRR community, facilitating its collective work, convening members in an annual gathering, and building awareness.
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