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Check out our Flare® software’s Pay for Performance module

Total Rewards Consulting.
Total Rewards Consulting.

Explore below how our Total Rewards consulting services are tailored to your needs

Base Compensation   Employee  Communication     Questions are inevitable when you roll out or modify an HR program.
We design  communication  tools customized for your various audiences, using the formats and channels they prefer.
Policy  Development     We develop the policies and procedures necessary to keep your compensation programs running effectively and equitably.
We’ll create a policy document that outlines the program basics, .

And details the roles and responsibilities of both HR and line management

Exempt or Non-Exempt.
Avoid misclassifying employees as exempt or non-exempt.
Contact us for our non-legal opinion when you’re not sure  about  how to classify particular employees.
We can also assist with  determining  an employee’s regular rate of pay for overtime purposes.
External Market Pricing – Individual Positions    Are you losing out on high-quality talent for specific roles because your  compensation  program isn’t competitive.

Are your costs excessive because your compensation program is TOO competitive

We’ll help you right-size your  compensation  so you can attract and retain the right people for the right roles.
External Market Pricing – Large-Scale Projects    If  your organization ’s base pay system is out of touch with the market, you could be hemorrhaging money, talent or both.
If you have no formal pay structure, there may be internal inequities.
Whatever your situation, we’ll help you get the most value from a limited  compensation  budget.
Internal Pay Design    We work with you to develop a job evaluation plan that addresses the relative value of jobs within your  organization .
We also develop a job description system that 1) saves you and your managers time, and 2) reduces the expense of providing new job documentation.
Custom Surveys    Our salary and benefits surveys will give valuable information about total rewards for critical positions in any industry/region.
Give us a list of potential participants and details about the information you desire, and we will create a custom survey that meets your needs.
We provide you with the data you need while meeting all legal anti-trust requirements.
Annual Retainers    We are available on an annual retainer basis for larger-scale HR and compensation efforts.
Simply contact us to explore your options.
Specialized Compensation   Our powerful specialized compensation programs help motivate your employees to do their best work.
And we help you better link pay to performance.
Compensation Strategy Design    We ensure that your compensation strategy supports your overall organizational strategy … that you spend your compensation dollars effectively … and that all of your compensation and benefits decisions are sound.
Incentive/Variable Programs    We help you measure and recognize performance more effectively by creating incentive plans and other variable compensation programs.

The benefits of these programs include  Improved teamwork

Employee focus on common goals and a sense of personal ownership in your organization.
Increased employee engagement.
Suppression of entitlement mentality.
Positive impact on bottom line.
If you are interested in automating incentive compensation, .

Check out our Flare® software’s Incentive/Sales Commission Tracker module
Sales Compensation    With the right sales compensation program

you’ll raise revenues and profitability, boost morale and minimize recordkeeping.
To design your sales compensation plan, our first step is working with you to determine organizational sales priorities.
Then we meet with your sales force to get their take on the current pay situation and to identify what they’d like in a sales compensation plan.
The result.
A compensation plan that will motivate your sales force like never before.
If you’re interested in automating sales compensation, .

Check out our Flare® software’s Incentive/Sales Commission Tracker module

Performance Management    We help you create a performance management system that is ideal for your organization.
We create as many variations of your system as needed—one form for all employees, or different forms for different organizational levels or lengths of tenure.
If you are interested in automating performance management, .

Check out our Flare® software’s Performance Management module

Pay for Performance/Merit Matrix    We partner with you to create a merit matrix that:  Ensures your top-performing employees are recognized, rewarded, motivated, and eager to stay with your organization.
Keeps merit-based pay within your budget.
Want to automate pay for performance at your organization.
Check out our Flare® software’s Pay for Performance module.
Career Progression Programs    We help you build clearly mapped career paths that:  Strengthen employees’ engagement and give them a sense of direction.
Reduce turnover, saving you money on recruitment and onboarding.
Strengthen your leadership pipeline.
Facilitate recruitment from within, reducing “time to fill” vacancies and dependence on agencies.
Provide a framework for recruitment and promotional planning.
Improve communication with employees on professional development.
Help you identify training needs and opportunities.
If you are interested in software that will help you automate and simplify career pathing, .

Check out our Flare® software’s Staff Advancement Monitor™

Executive Compensation    Executive compensation is a unique challenge that is critical to get right.
Use Astron’s expert, independent guidance to avoid the legal pitfalls and achieve a successful result.
Performance Appraisal Schedule    We help you navigate through the process of switching from an anniversary date performance appraisal system to a common review date system.
This includes training your managers and employees to ensure successful implementation.
Our Focus Is on YOU.
Want to learn more.
Phone:  Fax: 212.792.8256.


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