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Twitch annonce le lancement de Versus by Twitch (Beta)

Twitch annonce le lancement de Versus by Twitch en version beta

Author      Date   10 septembre 2020                         Comments:  Laissez un commentaire                         Versus by Twitch.
Twitch annonce le lancement de Versus by Twitch (Beta), une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permettra de faciliter l’organisation de compétition d’e-sport pour tous les joueurs, de tous les niveaux.
Cette nouvelle initiative dans le domaine de l’esport, va permettre de fournir une suite d’outils adéquats aux communautés de joueurs qui souhaitent s’affronter en ligne.
Avec Versus Beta, les organisateurs de compétitions pourront rapidement et facilement créer, gérer et diffuser des compétitions avec leurs communautés de joueurs et de spectateurs, .

Le tout intégré directement sur Twitch

Pour le moment, Versus ne sera accessible qu’à un nombre restreint d’organisateurs sur invitation uniquement.
Cette fonctionnalité sera disponible pour tous les utilisateurs dans les prochains mois.

Esports has been top of mind at Twitch

even before the recent stay-at-home situation expedited the global growth of esports.

We have and will continue to invest heavily in Twitch Rivals

a tournament series made with Twitch streamers in mind, which continues to push the boundaries of esports entertainment.
In April of this year we also launched the esports directory which puts all of the professional esports content on Twitch in one central place so you can more easily watch live events, discover new esports channels, and learn how to better play your favorite games from the best pro players.
Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into our next esports initiative.
Competition Tools to Empower Communities        The next wave of professional esports players are out there right now, hustling to rise to the next level and we want to support their mission by further democratizing esports competition creation.
We understand not all competition organizers have the tools or resources needed to host esports tournaments and it’s important to us to ensure we’re empowering organizers and players of all sizes and skill levels.

Introducing Versus by Twitch (Beta)

an end-to-end suite of competition tools for organizers, players, and viewers from all different backgrounds and experience levels.
Competition organizers can quickly and easily create, manage, and stream competitions with their communities of players and viewers – all integrated on Twitch.
Learning From Competition Organizers Today we’re announcing our closed beta featuring a select group of competition organizers from a range of backgrounds including:  Collegiate esports leagues.
Game Developers.
And of course, .

Twitch Rivals & Twitch Creators

Our goal is to get as many of you access as quickly as we can but over the coming months our focus will be on making sure the competition experience is capable of handling competitions, both complex and casual, as well as listening to and incorporating feedback from our beta community.
We’re extremely excited to roll this out to the esports community and even more excited to see the future competitions you all are going to organize.
Interested in joining the waitlist for availability.
You can do that here.
In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Versus product and connecting with like-minded competition organizers, players, .

And fans – join our Versus Discord here

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