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complete coverage of all commercially available FISH probes

Leaders in imaging and analysis automation                    With the most advanced FISH applications worldwide (clinical and research), complete coverage of all commercially available FISH probes, and the vast knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, .

We are world leaders in the field of automated FISH imaging and analysis

Closest to the human eye                    Our automated solutions do exactly what you would do yourself.
We simulate manual sample analysis with the greatest precision because we’ve made it our goal to know what you want and need.
The result is reliable digitalization you can trust.
Technological superiority                    We have integrated the very best hardware components, and have developed the most advanced algorithms and platforms, packaged in a user friendly interface, in order to create the most advanced automated processes; while providing professionals with all the tools required to apply their own judgment and maintain control.
We understand the tests.

And we know the laboratory needs                    By mastering industry knowledge

we are able to create dedicated algorithms and applications tailored to new probes and markers, support all laboratory workflows and develop ‘best practices’.
Efficiency                  Facilitates and simplifies test review and analysis processes                                                                               Comfort                  Reduces hands-on use of microscope, therefore reducing fatigue                                                                               Accuracy                  Improves accuracy compared to manual scoring                                                                               Versatility                  One system for a large variety of sample types and probes                                                                               Improve Clinical Practice                  Better communication between experts throughout workflow                                                                               Standardization of Scoring                  Always the same methods and algorithms.

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