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An AutonomouStuff automotive platform provides a safe

reliable and robust solution for developing and deploying automated driving applications.
Vehicles are chosen for their integration and customization potential, and new vehicles are added regularly.
Our platforms are informed by our extensive experience working with thousands of skilled engineers around the world.
Lexus RX 450h Datasheet  Lincoln MKZ Datasheet    Category:     Brand:                                 Lexus RX 450h       Lincoln MKZ       Ford Fusion       Chrysler Pacifica       Ford Ranger                         Configurable and scalable.
Easy-to-integrate hardware.
Easy-to-integrate sensors with optional front, rear, roof rack and conduit system.
Optional showroom-style hardware integration.
By-wire system controlled from a single electric software interface.
Automotive platforms are ideal for testing and deploying research and development algorithms for robotics applications, including:                           Full set of software interfaces to controls:     Shifting.
Software access:   Reverse, neutral, park and drive gear selection.

Convenience features:  CAN interface

Mode status indication.
Visually-audible advances fault detection interface.
Joystick control interface.
Speed and steering controller available.
ROS node available.
Full DBC available.

Software module         Software module

AStuff software.
Partner software.
Tier IV Autoware.
Cooling system.
Upgraded inverters.
Custom integration.
Custom computing architecture.
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