pl en UA RU Army, Ministry of Internal Affairs, security and safeguard services – this is an incomplete list of customers who opt for the ECOTEST TM to solve various problems of radiation control.
Efficiency and accuracy of measurements, .

High performance and ease of use make ECOTEST TM devices the best on the market

Vehicles monitoring , seaports and airports.
Click to read more Vehicles monitoring, seaports and airports.
Dosimeter POSHUK Multipurpose search device intended to detect and localize sources of gamma, beta, alpha and neu tron radiation.
The standard delivery kit includes gamma and bet a radiation detecting units.
Alpha and neu tron radiation detecting units can be ordered separately.
More New PRD “CADMIUM” High- sensitivity device intended to detect and localize radioactive and nuclear materials by their external gamma and neutron radiation.
It is widely used by the Border Guard Service and environmental inspections to prevent illicit transfer of radioactive materials across the state borders.
More New SPRD “SPECTRA” A highly-sensitive and compact device intended to detect, localize and i dent ify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation as well as amplitude gamma spectra.
SPECTRA product identifies radionuclides with indication of the category that they belong to (in compliance with the IAEA requirements).
It is used to prevent illicit transfer of these materials across the state borders, as well as at the companies and institutions dealing with gamma and neutron radiation sources.
More TERRA with Bluetooth channel A top famous product of “ECOTEST” trademark, which is exported to over 70 countries.
This is a professional device for official measurements, which measures the level of gamma background , beta contamination, accumulated dose and its accumulation time.
Prompt evaluation of gamma background is performed within 10 seconds.

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