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Any Category Clients Consultants Contractors Individuals Industry Associates Suppliers SEO Editor SEO Manager Search A J Morrisroe and Sons Ltd.
Contractors A J Morrisroe and Sons Ltd.
Contractors Dan Bannister 020 8731 4000 www.morrisroe.co.uk [email protected] Morrisroe are one of the leading UK based construction companies, and specialise in groundworks, substructures, high rise concrete frames including slipform and jumpform construction, and civil projects.
Adana Construction Ltd.
Contractors Adana Construction Ltd.
Contractors Keir Hardie 0161 477 7211 www.adanaconstruction.com [email protected] Adana is a contractor that specialises in Groundwork, Substructure, External Works, Super Structure, Structural Modifications, Concrete Frames, Concrete Slabs and Civil Works.
They offer professional and technical services during the pre-tender stage, construction phase and also lifetime maintenance of the projects.
Addington (Formwork) Ltd.
Contractors Addington (Formwork) Ltd.
Contractors Noel Corcoran 01344 304466 www.addingtonformworks.co.uk [email protected] Addington (Formwork) Ltd are a long established concrete frame contractor capable of providing services up to £10m in value and operate predominantly within the South East and Southern half of the UK.
Altrad Beaver 84 Ltd.
Suppliers Altrad Beaver 84 Ltd.
Suppliers Dave Critchell Divisional Director 01268 972 488 www.beaver84.co.uk [email protected] With over 30 years in the industry.

Beaver 84 is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of edge protection solutions

temporary fencing and scaffolding equipment.
With branches nationwide we have full UK coverage to ensure that your equipment is delivered wherever and whenever you need it by our dedicated fleet.

American Society for Concrete Contractors

Industry Associates American Society for Concrete Contractors.
Industry Associates Bev Garnant Head Office – St Louis, USA 001 972 556 0300 www.ascconline.org [email protected] The ASCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of those who build with concrete, and to providing them a unified voice in the construction industry.
BASF plc, Construction Chemicals.
Suppliers BASF plc, Construction Chemicals.
Suppliers Ian Berrie Head of Marketing 0161 485 6222 www.master-builders-solutio.
[email protected] BASF Construction Chemicals provides advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.
Our comprehensive portfolio.

Under the new brand Master Builders Solutions

encompasses concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, sealants, concrete repair & protection systems, performance grouts and performance flooring systems.
The Berkeley Group Plc.
Clients The Berkeley Group Plc.
Clients Sean Gavin Production Director www.berkeleygroup.co.uk [email protected] Berkeley was founded in 1976 and today is one of the UK”s best known developers of new places.
The vision has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and built homes in excellent locations in London and the South East of England.
Biggins & Gallagher.
Contractors Biggins & Gallagher.
Contractors Ged Gallagher Managing Director 0118 950 7713 www.bigginsandgallagher.co.uk [email protected] We are a Reading based company established in 1988 specialising in the construction of concrete frame packages.
We have a proven track record in both the commercial and residential sectors.
BRC Reinforcements Ltd.
Suppliers BRC Reinforcements Ltd.
Suppliers BRC Reinforcements Ltd Jamie Holling 01623 555 111 www.brc.ltd.uk [email protected] Founded in 1908, BRC is the UK’s largest supplier of steel reinforcement and associated products for concrete.
With a network of strategically placed manufacturing locations, we are able to meet all your requirements regardless of the size of the project.
Introduction All the steel reinforcement supplied by BRC, .

Is sourced from within the UK and has a recycled content of at least 98%

All steel reinforcement manufactured by BRC

complies with the highest quality and sustainability standards.
Byrne Bros (Formwork) Ltd.
Contractors Byrne Bros (Formwork) Ltd.
Contractors Don Houston 0208 973 0100 www.byrne-bros.co.uk [email protected] Byrne Bros are specialists in concrete sub and superstructures.
The company”s Design for Manufacture and Assembly process and component approach adds value and removes waste in construction from a very early stage and mitigates programming challenges.
While a creative approach to safety mitigates risk by adding the latest, in house slip, jump, formwork and logistics expertise, .

Byrne Bros ensures that both delivery and value are optimised for our clients” projects

C J O”Shea & Co Ltd.
Contractors C J O”Shea & Co Ltd.
Contractors Rory O’Connor Managing Director 020 8959 3600 www.cjoshea.co.uk [email protected] C J O’Shea & Co Ltd is a proactive and non-adversarial company committed to safety, quality and customer service.
The company’s success over the last 45 years is due to the professionalism and strength of its management team.
Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd.
Suppliers Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd.
Suppliers Tony Faud 01992 560 898 www.camfaud.co.uk [email protected] Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd is the largest concrete pumping company in the UK.
It is a family run business that was set up in 1982 with just a single mobile concrete pump.
The company has expanded steadily over the years and now operates one of the largest fleets of Putzmeister and Schwing pumps in the country.
This German concrete pumping equipment is known around the world for its build quality and longevity.
Due to customer demand.

Camfaud invested in a fleet of Schwing static pumps

stationary placing booms and spider booms.
Capital Construction Products Ltd.
Suppliers Capital Construction Products Ltd.
Suppliers Capital Construction Products Ltd 01245 362 916 [email protected] www.ccproducts.net The Capital Construction Products team has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.
They pride themselves on our exceptional customer service and the long-term relationships we build with our clients and suppliers.

Capital Construction Products supplies goods for groundworkers

R C Framework companies and general building contractors.
Our high-quality product range includes, but is not limited to, Mesh Reinforcements; Concrete, Plastic & Wire Spacers; Construction Chemicals; Waterproofing Products and Concrete Repair Products.
For our full product range, please see our online catalogue.
Careys Civil Engineering.
Contractors Careys Civil Engineering.
Contractors Shaun Rowberry Head of Marketing and Business Development 020 8900 0221 www.careysplc.co.uk [email protected] Careys Concrete Structures division is one of a handful of businesses in the UK with the expertise and internal resources able to undertake large and complex projects anywhere in the UK.
CCL (GB) Ltd.
Suppliers CCL (GB) Ltd.
Suppliers Jon Machin Director 0113 270 1221 www.cclint.com [email protected] CCL designs, supplies and installs post-tensioned concrete slabs for buildings.
The company also provides post-tensioned solutions for civil structures, pre-tensioning products and equipment, bridge bearings, concrete repair and engineering services.
Cementaid (UK) Ltd.
Suppliers Cementaid (UK) Ltd.
Suppliers Magda Rosiek 01293 653900 www.cementaid.co.uk [email protected] CEMEX UK Operations Ltd.
Suppliers CEMEX UK Operations Ltd.
Suppliers Steve Large South East Director 01932 568833 www.cemex.com [email protected] CEMEX is a £1bn turnover building solutions business and a leading provider of ready-mix concretes, aggregates, mortars, screeds, building products, .

Cement and asphalt with over 500 locations across the UK

Chryso UK Ltd.
Suppliers Chryso UK Ltd.
Suppliers Peter Lawrence Commercial Director 01327 707 796 www.chryso.com [email protected] A chemicals specialist at the service of construction materials, CHRYSO has tripled its turnover over the past decade to become an international leader active in 70 countries by means of its 17 subsidiaries around the world.
CHRYSO provides its customers – cement manufacturers, concrete plants, precast manufacturers, and construction companies – with its formulation expertise and knowledge of construction materials.
Innovation is an integral part of our DNA In order to make one third of its turnover from the sale of products under five years old, every year CHRYSO invests almost 4% of its turnover in R&D.” Coinford Ltd.
Contractors Coinford Ltd.
Contractors Paul Timlin Director 01342 840 800 www.coinford.co.uk [email protected] At Coinford we work together with clients as an integral part of their team, offering services and advice on areas including: Infrastructure & Civil engineering, Groundworks, Basements, Underground Car Parks and Concrete Frames.
Combisafe International Ltd.
Suppliers Combisafe International Ltd.
Suppliers Gerard Kennedy Sales Leader 01604 660600 www.combisafe.com [email protected] For close to three decades COMBISAFE has been at the leading edge of height safety in Construction.
Their innovative solutions and technical support make them the industry benchmark.
Construction Systems Marketing.
Suppliers Construction Systems Marketing.
Suppliers Christian Green 01246 853528 www.csm-uk.co.uk [email protected] Supply of the Thermomass® system, a thermally broken fibre composite connector and thermal insulation system for the construction of concrete sandwich walls.
The Thermomass® system is comprised of different connector systems for various concrete construction applications, including visual and structural in-situ concrete and precast concrete.
CSM-UK supplies the Thermomass® System with several different rigid insulation choices depending on various project specifications and requirements, including non-combustible solutions to comply with the latest UK building codes and regulations.
Over the past 21 years, CSM-UK has provided Thermomass® solutions into the precast concrete market for concrete sandwich panels.
Over 1,000,000 m2 since 1999 have now been supplied across all building sectors including high-rise residential, custodial, and industrial projects.
Suppliers Cordek.
Suppliers 01403 799600 www.cordek.com [email protected] Cordek Ltd has supplied specialist formwork to the construction industry for more than 40 years.
The range includes trough and waffle moulds, .

Spiral staircase shutters and complex GRP formwork

Suppliers DBGroupHoldingsLimited.
Suppliers Since it was founded in the early 1970s, DB Group has been a pioneer in the construction industry.
It was originally established to provide specialist sands to industry for cement testing and fuse manufacturing and we are still exporting sands all over the world today.
Deck Joint Ltd.
Suppliers Deck Joint Ltd.
Suppliers Jean-Paul Krzowski 01782 757 142 www.deckjoint.co.uk [email protected] Deck Joint manufactures a range of innovative products used in the construction of concrete floors in high rise buildings, which save contractors time on site.
The company was founded in Oct 2011 and has carefully established a strong reputation within the concrete flooring market, for innovation and excellent service.
Deck Joint was the first product produced and gave the company its name.
It is used in steel framed buildings that have a corrugated steel sheet, called Metal Deck, to form the base on which the concrete floor is poured.
Over the last five years, the product range has developed to cover every aspect of floor construction in multi storey buildings and formwork solutions.
[email protected]

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