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Peer Review Week 2018: We’re havin’ a party!

Alison McGonagle-O”Connell Aug 8, 2018.
#Future of Publishing.
#Team Coko.
#technology components.
Here in the Cokoverse, supporting peer review workflow with open source technology is the core of what we do.
When we heard that the focus of this year’s Peer Review… Continue reading Sprinting for PubSweet.
Jul 5, 2018.
#technology components.
To help guide the incorporation and use of PubSweet into publishers’ infrastructure development, the Coko community participated in a Book Sprint in Cambridge (UK) in June resulting in the book… Continue reading DOCX, XML, HTML, and Publishing Workflows.
Coko Foundation Staff May 14, .

2018 #Future of Publishing

#technology components.
Most publishing workflows start with an author submitting their manuscript.
For better or worse, this manuscript is most often in a docx format, created using Microsoft Word.
The docx manuscript… Continue reading Announcing XSweet 1.0.
Alex Theg May 3, 2018 #Editoria.
#technology components.

Coko is thrilled to announce the release of XSweet 1.0

a open source suite of XSL tools for transforming the contents of MS Word into HTML and beyond.
XSweet was… Continue reading Wax Show ‘n’ Tell.

Coko Foundation Staff Oct 16

2017 #technology components.
#Wax editor.
Last Thursday, the talented Yannis Barlas gave an excellent walkthrough of Wax, .

Coko’s in-browser word processor

Wax is built with the library, and in addition to having advanced functionality… Continue reading A look at the future of journals with xpub.

Coko Foundation Staff Sep 8

2017 #Journals.
#technology components.

The Coko team has been hard at work on the xpub-Collabra journal platform

Below you can take a first look at a mockup of one of the components: It’s built… Continue reading Ink 1.0 is here!.
Jul 17, 2017 #technology components.

The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation is pleased to announce the release of INK 1.0

It’s an exciting milestone for us: After almost a year of development, INK has grown from a scribble… Continue reading INK – the file conversion engine.
May 16, 2017 #technology components.
For the past 8 months we have been been building INK – the open source file conversion and transformation engine for publishing.
INK is now nearing 1.0, ready in the… Continue reading How we’re building the ‘mountain chalet’ of complex conversions.
May 7, 2017 #technology components.
When scaling great heights, sometimes you need a place to rest before moving on.
That’s one analogy for XSweet, .

A toolkit under development by the Coko Foundation

It offers a… Continue reading INK client upgrade.
Mar 24, 2017 #technology components.

As INK starts to move from a proof-of-concept prototype to a production system

we’re continually making changes to make its functionality relevant, usable and demonstratively useful.
Recently, .

Our focus has been… Continue reading

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