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The Tuxedo Intraoral Sensor* represents a paradigm shift in digital intraoral radiography

delivering the performance you expect with no hidden fees or warranty deductibles found in other sensors on the market.
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High-definition images with resolution of 20 lp/mm.
Enhanced durability with shock absorbent, hermetically-sealed housing and virtually unbreakable reinforced cable.
Full 3-year warranty with no replacement deductibles.
No Hidden fees.
Seamless integration with XrayVision and XVWeb with customizable filters and guaranteed performance.

*Only available for sale in the United States

Not licensed for sale in Canada.
HD image resolution of 20 lp/mm.
Available in two sizes to comfortably accommodate all patients.

Direct USB connection with no inline boxes

hubs, or controls.
Submersible for disinfection.
Ergonomic design with rounded corners and beveled edges for patient comfort.
Reinforced cable protects against failures common in other sensors.

Seamless operation with Apteryx XrayVision and XVWeb Software

Direct integration with all major practice management software.
3-year, deductible-free warranty.
Sensor technology: CMOS.
Resolution: 20 lp/mm.

Sensitive area: Size 1: 19.95 x 30.02 mm

Size 2: 25.99 x 36.00 mm.
Pixel dimensions: 19 x 19 µm.

Sensor Dimensions: Size 1: 24.4 x 36.8 mm

Size 2: 30.5 x 42.8 mm.

Sensor thickness: Size 1: 5.3 mm

Size 2: 5.6 mm.
Cable length: 3 m.
Cable diameter: 3.5 mm.

Availability: Only available for sale in the United States

Not licensed for sale in Canada.

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