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By  with In January, Light Fall was featured at (Games Done Quick) in front of more than a hundred thousand viewers on Twitch.
We decided to contact , the speedrunner who submitted Light Fall, so he could share his thoughts following this experience.
You can also watch his whole run on AGDQ (or simply GDQ) is considered by most to be the biggest speedrun event in the world.
The goal is to complete the games in the fastest time possible and raise money for charity.
It’s funny that you ask that, .

Because thinking back to how I started speedrunning… it starts with GDQ itself

I remember seeing the event’s videos from 2013 and I saw a well known speedrunner, , run a Mega Man game.
Being a huge fan of this series, I thought to myself: “That’s really cool… I feel like I’m not going to be great at it, .

But I would love to do something like that.” And that’s what got me into speedrunning

I started replaying a lot of the games that I enjoyed as a kid.
From there, I kept learning and improving, thinking about what games I like to speedrun and it just evolved from there.
Well, .

You already know my name (FuzzyGames)

I’ve been streaming on for a little over a year and it’s the best place to find me.
You can also follow me on.
I’m always online Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I try to keep running a few different games to make it exciting.
Feel free to drop by!This concludes our interview.
We hope you had a great time learning more about speedrunning.

Bishop Games always makes sure to As for our projects

we know we have been quiet online recently.
We are currently working on a brand new, .

Top secret project and we are also preparing something for Light Fall

Stay tuned.
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